On Pi Day, March 14, 2023, the State of Idaho officially approved our articles of incorporation to register Rez the World, Corp. as a Non-Profit ministry! We are official! We can now reach the world for Christ through Games and offer a tax-deductible option for donations to our ministry.

We will be acquiring the title Prayer Battle, and growing an online church ministry that truly can reach the world, anywhere people have internet. People will be able to log in to the virtual environment, pray, be prayed for, talk with an online pastor, and attend online services. We are so excited to offer this ministry to the world! Thank you for walking with us on this journey.

We will be in process of setting up all the details to make this happen. First in line was this website, which you are reading right now. We’ll be improving it as we go and making it sparkle. We will be setting up donation options also, and posting a schedule of online events as soon as we get that figured out.

We give praise to God for this victory! We are looking forward to great things happening for Christ our Lord through this ministry. May many people experience new life as we Rez the World!